[: Smile and read on! :]

This is me!

Hi! My name’s Clarissa. I go to the University of Michigan, hopefully to major in Screen Arts and Culture and I was thinking of a minor in Creative Writing.

Ever since I was in elementary school I have always had an energetic and creative imagination. I wrote TONS of lengthly stories throughout my schooling and I want to continue that ┬ámaybe/possibly/HOPEFULLY as a career. I love watching movies (seriously though, that’s like all I do at home ;]) and I really have a knack for video editing, so I’m working to gain even more skills so I can edit films in the near future!

Things about me: I love movies, I love to sing (but shouldn’t do it out loud), dancing is my passion, I’m a family person AND I love to laugh :].

Here on this blog I have a collection of writing pieces from my Writing 100 class. Read, comment, critique, do whatever you want :]. All I hope for is that you enjoy it!

I'm a dancer...

a graduate...

an actor...

just an overall thrill seeker